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The world is going through great change and transition. How do you navigate through this time? How do you protect your family? How do you secure your future? This is the place to learn from Kingdom-centered Life Coaches, and leaders from around the world, who are committed to Kingdom breakthroughs in business, personal development, families, relationships, investing, and much more.

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If you have an important Kingdom message worth sharing, we want to hear from you. We are looking for Christian leaders, Kingdom builders, and exceptional Life Coaches. We offer free promotion and varing degrees of mentoring and assistance to help our coaches gain traction in the marketplace.


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We live in a time of great uncertainty and challenges. Kingdom Hubs presents a powerful solution for the instability of this time. This is essential reading for every believer from pastors to parents, from businessmen to investors. Kingdom Hubs are for every beliver who is looking for answers, a hope, and a future.

Questions and Answers: 1 Kingdom TV

What is 1 Kingdom TV?

1 Kingdom TV is a ministry of the Empowered Kingdom. You can read more about the Empowered Kingdom at https://EmpoweredKingdom.com.

The Empowered Kingdom's mission is to build the Kingdom "on earth as it is in heaven," which is what Jesus taught us to pray in Matthew 6:5-15. We asked a very simple question, What does "Thy Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven," look like in the real world? What does the Kingdom of heaven look like when it builds a businesses, trains life coaches, raises families, and so on? This simple question has led us to realize that the Kingdom is superior in every way, and in every application. There is nothing it cannot solve, and no problem for which there is no solution. We also came to realize that it is The Answer for the crisis that our world is facing on every front.

1 Kingtom TV has been created for like-minded life coaches and leaders to meet and share their Kingdom-building insights with the world. Such leaders often struggle to get their message out to the world. We can help by broadcasting your message free.

What do you mean by collaboration, and why is it important?

We need to walk the talk. The mammon system has taught us to be self-centered and self-seeking. The Kingdom is not the same. a Kingdom principle is that we help each other achieve success, together. If you are not genuinely committed to this principle, this is not for you.

What are the participation requirements?

If you feel that you are a good fit for this opportunity, we would love to discuss how we can help you. Please schedule a time to chat with us by following the "Schedule" link at https://1KingdomTV.com.

We will have an informal chat. Don't worry, this is not like a formal job interview. We are warm friendly people who want to help you fulfill your Kingdom mission, if possible. Then if all appears to be in order, and both sides are happy, we will move onto the next step and see if we can promote you for free by giving you free airtime.

What denomination are you?

This is an interesting question, because Jesus did not come to create denominations. He came to build His Kingdom. His final prayer, before going to the cross, is recorded in John 17. In this prayer, His primary focus is that we will be unified as 'one in Him as He is one in God, and God is in Him,' (paraphrased). Jesus command His disciples to preach a "Kingdom at hand." This is the simple instruction that we are following. We have found that when we focus on what Jesus actually commanded us to do, rather than dividing over dogmas that are often man made, an amazing unity manifests and much gets done.

I'm looking for a church. Can I join you?

Yes. Participation is on a limited membership basis. If you want a deeper level of engagement such becoming a full-time member, you can speak to us. We have regular online services, and we encourage following the practices of the early church such as meeting regularly from home to home, in prayer and worship, having communion, studying the Word, and being obedient to baptism as Jesus commanded. Our approach is non-dogmatic. We simply encourage a deep and honest relationship with God so that His Holy Spirit can complete its work in each person as he knows best. We believe that an ongoing study of God's Word is essential to deepening our relationship with Him.

Can I hire one of your leaders or coaches?

The answer is yes, subject to their availability. Please refer to their bio page and connect with them from there.

Are you open to collaborations, partnerships, or joint ventures?

Absolutely! Please schedule an appointment. or, click the "Send a Message" button below.


We may engage with, and recommend third-party products, services, or items in the hope and belief that you may find some value in them. This is an act of good faith on our part because we cannot offer any form of endorsement, due to the fact that we do not walk in their shoes, work in their offices, or sit in on their discussions, deals or negotiations with you or any other party. As such, we always advise accepting personal responsibility, and exercising caution and due diligence when engaging with others. Always seek the guidance of an appropriately qualified professional in all matters of importance. Your relationship with any third party is at your own sole risk. Proceed with appropriate caution and care.


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